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About Danish Cultural Institute Turkey

The Danish Cultural Institute Turkey makes up the department of the Danish Cultural Institute, which focuses on activities in and about Turkey. Although Danish Cultural Institute Turkey office currently is in Copenhagen, the country branch team often travels to Turkey for work, meetings, festival organisation etc.


Danish Cultural Institute has been active in Turkey since 2019, and has since then participated in multiple projects and festivals with strategic focus on children’s education, empowerment of the future generations, gender equality and equal rights.


Danish Cultural Institute Turkey has carried out projects such as BILLBOARD Street Art Istanbul 2020, ATTA Children’s Festival, the Istanbul Film Festival, the Istanbul Theatre Festival the Directed By Women Festival, and many more of which you can read about on our website. These projects strongly reflect Danish Cultural Institute Turkey’s core values: the education of the next generation; art and cultural exchange through Denmark and Turkey; gender equality and equal rights; and in the future, Turkey’s relationship with the EU. 


When in Turkey, Danish Cultural Institute mainly operates in Istanbul, but often also visits and participates in projects in other large cities in Turkey, such as Ankara, Mugla and Mersin. Further, Danish Cultural Institute Turkey seeks to make the most of its online social platforms by frequently posting updates on the country branch’s social media pages, so that followers all over Turkey (and elsewhere) may follow and partake in its projects.