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What we do

What we do at Danish Cultural Institute Turkey 

We work with culture in the broadest sense of the word. 

We create, co-produce and organize cultural projects and events, within the fields of music, film, theatre, art, design, literature, and much, much more. Our main focus is projects which promote equal rights and capacity building in civil society, as we work to strengthen the belief that arts- and cultural projects can help create change and contribute to solving societal challenges. Through our project activities, we notably support female empowerment as well as focusing on children and the youth community, to help create positive democratic development. 

We do nothing on our own

A Danish presence in Turkey is extremely important, as the country is located at the intersection between the Middle East, Asia, and Europe – not only geographically but also culturally. With the desire to build a more vibrant bridge between Danish and Turkish cultural life, we have initiated a strategic and focused effort that facilitates cultural exchange in the civil society, builds regional networking and exchange experience amongst democratic organizations. We therefore often work in close collaboration with local partners in Turkey, as a foundation to create cultural exchange and intercultural understanding. 

Work with us

Would you like to work with us and become a part of our international program?

Then contact us at fe@danishculture.com 


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