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18 · 01 · 2021

Pop-up playgrounds & role-play Factory Project

As a part of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Play Istanbul programming and organized by Danish Cultural Institute Türkiye, Landsforeningen Bifrost, and Superpool, the first role-play event series for children aged 8-12 took place in November 2021 in Kuzguncuk and Maltepe🌲


Live action role play events are an important part of Danish culture and can have up to 12,000 participants. Led by play experts from Landforeningen Bifrost, children listened to a dramaturgical play story that directed them to reach certain goals and play outdoors in nature. To bring the story to life, they and the trainers designed their own costumes together from waste materials! 


In order to save the forest from the invasion of trolls, which are mythological characters, the children were divided into two groups as ‘fire’ and ‘earth’ element teams to experience teamwork. The teams battled against the trolls and also competed against each other to become the new guardians of the forest. When a playmate came across someone from the other team while wandering in the park, they were free to battle or to build an alliance. Those who chose the path of building alliances developed their communication skills, and those who chose the path to challenge each other developed their courage to stand up to problems. 💪🏻 


Special thanks to Pınar Gediközer from Superpool.


Observers from many institutions such as IBB Parks, Gardens and Green Areas Directorate, Social Services Directorate, Istanbul Volunteers, Maltepe and Sultanbeyli Municipality observed the event to explore the multifaceted positive effects of role-play programs on the pedagogical development of both boys and girls. After their positive feedback, we look forward to meeting many more children at these fun events in the future!