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The Case of O

The Danish Cultural Institute is proud to have supported and contributed to the success of The Case of O exhibition.  


The Case of O is about bodies, objects, and stories. It is a culmination of Merve’s background in fashion and production design; longtime interest in psychoanalysis, film, and mathematics; and fascination with materials as well as making techniques that provoke certain feelings, she finds worthy of chasing after. Walking through the various rooms of the exhibition, namely the genital, phallic, anal and oral rooms, you are surrounded by objects that are extensions, insertions, additions, stories of and references to the human body.  


Merve Tuna was so graciously supported by the Mermeriş Holding. The result was a good attendance, with an overall +1,600 attendees, the exhibition also generated great following and media reflections with digital publications and social media outreach – during the course of the exhibition we engaged over 20,000 unique accounts of which more than 12.000 were new engagements from previous non-followers through instagram with similar high engagement through Facebook. The exhibiton was also written up and published in the artzine Sanatatak as well as upcoming publications which are due in Art Unlimited as well as ArtDog. The high interest in the 5th of March special event was indicative of the engagement that the exhibition was able to create. 


We would like to thank Art Director of the Empire Project, Kerimcan Durmaz who has endorsed our work and announced the opportunity to collaborate for more events and projects in the future with the Danish Cultural Institute.